Do you know that 1 in 5 children don’t own a story book. Here at Gateshead Football Club Community Foundation with the support of The National Literacy Trust, over the next two years we are committed to distributing 2,000 brand new story books across the boroughs of Gateshead. Not only that, but delivering free fun educational activities such as storytelling, crafting and art workshops, planting and sustainability sessions and even the odd science experiment and Horrible Histories theatrics.


Through the art of storytelling, we want to encourage more children to read. Storytelling has powerful magic, not only is it fun but allows for curiosity and imagination and helps develop cultural understanding. Telling stories allows children to experience different worlds, countries and traditions as well as encourages communication, focus and social skills.

Why you may ask, you’re a Football Club Foundation, shouldn’t you be kicking a ball somewhere. The simple answer is why not! Here at Gateshead Football Club Community Foundation, we believe in education and making it fun and accessible to all.


Check below or on our Social Media platforms to find our next free, fun educational session and information on some exciting new projects.


A Walk Through Time in collaboration with Newcastle Castle

Three Gateshead  schools took a trip to Medieval Newcastle with a ye olde cookery lesson in the Keep, medieval music session in the chapel and an awesome Knight School in the Great Hall 

The Meaning of Remembrance

The The foundation partnered with The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead Libraries and The National Literacy Trust to educate children on the meaning of Remembrance Day. During the sessions children were taught about the history of remembrance, the impact of war on Gateshead as well as learning how to write poetry.  The children also took part in crafting sessions creating Remembrance cards and poppies. 

Learning to Cook

The The foundation took a group of children to the Big River Bakery in Newcastle for a fantastic cookery session. Geordie Stotties and tray bake pizza's were on the menu.

Meet the Romans 

Whilst one group were experiencing NE Youth's Hadrians Wall challenge another visited Segadunum Roman Fort and Musuem to learn all about the Romans.

Story Telling and Crafting

In partnership with the National Literacy Trust children have taken part in many storytelling and crafting sessions.