If U Care Share 


We were visited by Symone and Abbey who are from the Mental Health charity If U Care Share, on Thursday afternoon. Alongside Scott Barrow, JJ O’Donnell and Gateshead FC Foundation Trustees Alan Weddle, Ross Black and Trevor Clark, If U Care Share spoke about the fantastic work the charity does battling certain mental health stigmas and the suicide prevention work they do as well as helping those who have suffered a bereavement with various support they offer.


After speaking as a group about the mental health challenges faced by people throughout the football club from the players, staff and fans we then spoke about how If U Care Share are working within football clubs throughout the country and how they would

love to grow the service to raise awareness and get people talking about mental health.


Mental Health is high on the agenda of the Gateshead FC Foundation and we are looking to build on our relationship with If U Care Share to ensure that the work we do meets the needs of those in our community. Gateshead Football Club have previously been involved in the campaigns ran by If U Care Share with the ‘Inside Out’ campaign with our players showing their support.


Find out more about what If U Care Share do here >